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About me

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My Approach

I strive to wow and shoot out of the ordinary seamlessly blending into your day becoming a part of it in a very unique way that allows me to get the genuine/authentic joy, love and anything in between. 

I seek the genuine and unscripted  moments, raw emotions and closeness that unfolds. I construct a visual narrative that mirrors the true essence of your day in a curated and fashionable way.

With the expertise in the  fashion industry and big events having my work published in many well known magazines I combine my expertise with 6 years in the wedding industry creating a combination of natural yet esthetically beautiful imagery. 

I use a very personal approach and strive to enhance your experience on the day making you feel comfortable in front of my lens to get the genuine you with a touch of guidance to achieve beautiful yet raw/fun/crazy/editorial images.

I'am there to create the jaw dropping beautiful pictures of you both.

I am there from the moment you put your dress on for the first time, through the time your Dad or Mum opens the door and sees you, the moment you walk down the isle and he is waiting there for you

The time when gold seals your commitment and lips are allowed to touch for the first time

I am there for the speeches when emotions run high and you spill the feelings all over the room your guests drowning in tears of joy and laughter.

I am there when your songs starts to play and I am there when you let your hair down and throw your shoes in the corner to rave till the lights fade away.

I will be there, not just capturing the moment, but also enjoying the celebration. Being present and taking time out with your friends and family. If the music is good I will even come and join you on the dance floor leaving one camera on my shoulder just in case.

For me its about being present taking in the moments and capturing the story from a genuine perspective all in a modern and stylized way

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