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About me

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Hi I'm Tomas an internationally published photographer. 

Over the years I explored almost every genre of photography.

Landscape photography made work with likes of Nikon on their Look Deeper Campaign and I was published in many newspapers magazines and online articles around the world.

I started to recently dig into fashion and editorial photography where I like to use my creative mind. All of the projects so far have been published in magazines.

I however always liked seeing images capturing intimate moments of emotion. 

There is something strangely powerful about them. This made me create "Shoot With Tom" a more personal wedding photography.​​

I love weddings as they do make for awesome opportunities to make memorable images.

The more fun you have the more fun I have behind the camera. 

Most of my couples would say that I have become a part of their special day and they were not even aware I was taking pictures. This makes for genuine photos through the eyes of someone that would be there with you all day as a friend. ​

You want amazing pictures but you want a great experience of having them taken too and that’s what I want to give you. I bring a big smile on my face and I become part of your day. A friend, someone to laugh with, someone to help and someone who you will drink and dance with. I will make your experience fun, relaxed and I hope that I can actually add something to your day by being part of it.

I would like to say that people don't just pick the photographer for the pictures, but for who he is. His personality needs to bounce perfectly of yours.


My philosophy is to live your life young and never grow up! To laugh a lot and be a little cheeky. "I am up for anything silly." I like to lead an active life and if you end up having a ping pong table at your wedding I can show you a few moves. 

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