Whole Day Memories

I believe that the wedding day is a story best told when its from beginning to the end.

No half day short cuts.

I believe that the photos should be a story to someone dear to your heart who could not make it on the day.

So that, when they look at the photos they can relive it like if they where there. From the time when the bride and the groom are getting ready, through the first look on the proud fathers face when he sees his daughter in a wedding dress for the first time.

When the married couples exchange wows and the tears start rolling in on both the mothers, through the laughter during the speeches, the first dance, the cake and than the party.

Like if they were there.

Thats why I decided my only package that I will have on my site will be for the full day.

No time limit!

If you guys start at 9am I will be there and if you guys finish at 11pm I will still be there, just like the person who if they could make it would. 

So What Do You Get?

- a meeting with me before the day either in person at the venue (which

   is the preferred way) Or if you are leading a busy life or the wedding

   should be abroad we will do a FaceTime session where we can get to

   know each other a little better before the day.

- a whole day coverage

- between 500-750 edited images (This can always vary depending on        what is happening on the day. Some weddings are more eventful than

   the others)

- beautiful and password protected online gallery that anybody from

   your wedding party can access (if you decide to give them the


- a little presentation box with a USB and a few pics from the day that I

   thought are describing your day in a few snaps

- there is an option of a second shooter but that is the only thing that

   comes at extra cost of £300. He will than stay with me for the whole

   day too. Ideal for couples who want more coverage or get the bride

   and groom preparation covered even if they are getting ready in

   separate places.

And Finally How Much Is It?

I thought a lot about how much I should charge for what you get and looked at how much time and effort I dedicate into making these images memorable. So I decided to charge a flat rate of £1200. I am sure you understand the value in that, thats if you came as far as here and read and looked trough my portfolio you must already know I am the right person for you. So why don't you head over to my contact me section and lets talk about your day in more detail.

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